Kingsbridge Gazette says -"KATS Fiddler On The Roof is their BEST EVER"... From our Audience - "Best show I've ever seen"...  "So professional"... "Lovely choreography, everything flowed"... "What great voices"... "Best KATS show ever!"...

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"I've never seen a show so full of energy. It was a miracle no-one fell into the orchestra pit!"  


"I was absolutely blown away by Fiddler last night. A truly fantastic  performance worthy of a west end stage. It made me laugh, cry, wowed me and was very thought provoking. The principles were outstanding especially Ant. Loved  Frumah Sarah's scene and so much more. Incredible strong ensemble and the dances....well amazing."

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Tevye the milkman and his Family







President: Astrid Kemble

Chair: Jules McColl


Secretary: Pat Barlow -


Last updated: March 18